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Public Education

Programs & Classes

The Public Education Office offers free presentations to city and county agencies, schools, businesses, and other public and private groups on the following topics:

Responsible Pet Ownership: This class is designed for young children up to adult age groups. The class includes a presentation on what it takes to be a responsible pet owner. Work booklets are provided for students 6-11 years old and scenario based team-building activities are available for teens and adults. Activities and resources provided are intended to reinforce the information in the presentation.

Careers in Animal Care & Control: This class is primarily for students who are beginning to think about a career. The class includes a presentation on four career opportunities in OC Animal Care: Animal Control Officer Trainee, Kennel Attendant I, Registered Veterinarian Technician and Customer Service and Community Outreach Representatives. Each of the careers is highlighted for its specific duties and responsibilities as well as education requirements needed to apply.

Dog Bite Prevention: This class is designed for young children up to adult age groups. Information presented includes: types of aggressive behavior observed in dogs, steps to take to protect and stay safe when confronted by an aggressive dog, and ways to prevent being bit by a dog. Work booklets are provided for students 6-11 years old.

Shelter Tour Program: This program is an on-site shelter presentation that is designed for young children up to adult age groups. Tours consist of learning about daily shelter functions and operations, adoption procedures and daily care of animals housed at the facility. A short presentation on Responsible Pet Ownership is included after the tour of the facility.

Animal Laws & Regulations: Information provided in this presentation covers the laws and regulations pertaining to domestic animals. Topics include: proper animal restraint, dog licensing, private property and nuisance complaints.

If your business or group has a special event and would like the OC Animal Care to schedule a presentation or tour, or would like to find out about upcoming events, please contact our Public Education Office at 714-796-6426 for more information.

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Wildlife Information

Many residents in Orange County experience occasional visits from local wildlife, especially those that reside in newly developed neighborhoods or areas next to protected parks and wilderness trails. During spring time, these visits may become more frequent as this is the breeding season for many wild animals. While some residents understand that wildlife is being pushed from their natural habitat and take pleasure in these visits, many consider them a nuisance because of late night forages in trash cans, messes left behind and the occasional "setting up camp" in or around one's property.

OC Animal Care receives many calls about wildlife from residents throughout the year. In an effort to alleviate their concerns, we have some helpful tips to discourage wildlife activity in their neighborhoods.

  • Keep pet food indoors and do not leave food of any kind outside at night. Food left out at night will be taken as a welcome invitation by wildlife, and may prompt a future visit.
  • Keep cats and small dogs indoors or in the close presence of an adult.
  • Remove any fruit which has fallen to the ground.
  • Store trash in covered, heavy-duty containers.
  • Keep yards free from potential shelter such as thick brush and weeds, and enclose the bottoms of porches and decks.
  • Eliminate garbage, debris, lumber piles, etc.
  • Check fencing and try to eliminate access points to roof tops.
  • Change automatic sprinkler settings regularly.

Taking these preventive measures should help in deterring wildlife from visiting your property. Please remember that if the three (3) life sustaining elements are available (food, water and shelter), you are likely to encounter some wildlife in your area.

OC Animal Care will respond to situations regarding any wildlife that is sick, injured, dead, or has had physical contact with a human or domestic animal. For more information on the laws pertaining to urban wildlife and their protection visit the Department of Fish and Game's website at

For further information on the following wildlife, click on the links below [pdf documents]:

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Mobile Adoptions

OC Animal Care is pleased to participate in local city and community events with our Mobile Adoption Vehicle. Our vehicle can carry up to 9 animals, all available for adoption on location, and is the perfect addition to any event! If you would like to schedule the Mobile Adoption Vehicle for an upcoming event, please contact the Public Education Office at (714) 796-6426 for more information.

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Be a Responsible Pet Owner

  • Protect your pet with a license tag on your pet's collar. This is good insurance in helping reunite you with your animal if your pet should become lost. Ninety-eight percent of the dogs impounded wearing a license return home.
  • Spay/neuter your pet to do your part in helping solve the pet population explosion. Spayed females are normally healthier, live longer, and do not come into heat, which attracts unaltered males to your property. Neutered males are better companion animals and are less likely to stray.
  • Leash your pet to prevent injury to your pet and to keep your pet from trespassing or causing injury to others.
  • Make your pet is a good neighbor by keeping your dog from barking needlessly and disturbing your neighborhood.

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