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OC Animal Care Rescues 46 Cats and Kittens

Cat for Adoption

On Tuesday, March 7, OC Animal Care responded to an incident involving an individual hoarding 46 cats and kittens within an apartment home.  

OCAC Rescues Cats and Kittens

After multiple conversations with animal control officers regarding the cats’ living conditions, the owner willingly surrendered the animals to OC Animal Care. Upon arrival at the shelter, the cats and kittens were evaluated by the shelter veterinary team to ensure individualized care was provided to fit each of their specific needs.  

OCAC Vet Team Exam Cat

OC Animal Care is asking for the community’s help in finding a forever family for each one of the available cats.  

On Saturday, March 11, the first 35 of the rescued cats will be available for adoption to the public. The majority of the felines are young adults in good health. While many of the cats are shy and reserved at first, they warm up quickly and have friendly, gentle personalities. With patience and care, these cats will make wonderful lifelong friends. 

OCAC Cat for Adoption

In 2022, OC Animal Care responded to multiple incidents that involved animal hoarding, resulting in the impoundment of over 200 animals. When these cases arise, OC Animal Care’s priority is to care for the animals, provide educational resources and offer solutions.

According to the ASPCA, animal “hoarding” can be identified when a person is housing more animals than they can adequately and appropriately care for. In these instances, animals often do not receive proper nutrition, sanitation, shelter, veterinary care and socialization. It is a complex issue that often encompasses mental health, animal welfare and public safety concerns; it is not uncommon and assistance is available. If you or someone you know struggles with hoarding, please contact OC Links at (855) 625-4657 or visit Staff are available 24/7 to provide mental wellness services to those who may need support.

For more information on ways the community can support the animals at the shelter, please visit Those interested in providing assistance to the shelter’s efforts in caring for pets in need can easily do so by viewing OC Animal Care’s Amazon Wishlist.