December's Volutneer of the Month - Ava Schumacher!

Congrats to December’sVolunteer of the Month, Ava Schumacher! Put on your best winter paw-jamas,grab a meow-tini, cuddle up by the fireplace and let me tell you a tailabout one purrty cool OCAC volunteer – Ava Schumacher! If Ava looks fur-miliar,perhaps it is because you’ve seen her volunteering at our off-site Petcoadoption center over the last few years. Ava is a very paw-sitiveperson, always willing to lend a helping hand by transporting kittens to andfrom the center. She also does a great job promoting our pets for adoption onsocial media and never fails to keep them company while they await their fur-everhomes. Ava is no sourpuss… if you’re feline sad, she is sure to cheeryou up with her claw-some personality and hiss-terical jokes. Sheis truly a cat’s best fur-end!