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Disaster Preparedness for Large Animals

While it’s important to ensure that all pets are included in your personal disaster plans, it’s particularly important that special considerations be made for horses and other large animals.  The first thing to consider is the nature of the situation and whether your horse can be safely sheltered in place.  If not, please remember that evacuating horses takes time and requires special housing arrangements.

Please take the time now to ensure your horse will lead and load into a trailer.  You’ll also want to ensure you have trailer space for each horse and that your trailer and towing vehicle are maintained in good working order. 

When evacuating horses you should do so as early as possible.  It’s important that roads are kept clear for first responders.  Maneuvering a horse trailer through tight roads where fire engines and other large vehicles are driving can present a significant challenge.  Also, while OC Animal Care does our best to assist in times of disaster, it’s possible that your area may be deemed unsafe to enter or that our officers are unavailable due to a heavy volume of calls.  Ultimately, it is the horse owner’s responsibility to ensure the safety and wellbeing of their animals.  By preparing now you can ensure your horse is kept safe and sound during times of disaster.

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