Success Stories

    News ImageChloeMy name is NiCole, my fiance and I adopted chole and we just wanted to send you an update! She is doing amazing and is a completely different cat now that she has a home and knows she is loved and always protected. It took her about 2 half months to completely come out of her shell and lots of loves and effort on our part to show her she was and is safe. So please enjoy the pictures!

    Thank you all for all your hard work!

    Stg. Pepper$0Dear OC Animal Care,$0$0$0$0Thank you taking care of me while I waited for my daddy, Damon.$0$0$0$0He and I are having a great time bonding. He takes me to classes at PetSmart for training. I eat well, only foods made especially for dogs. I even get frozen yogurt, they are such a treat.$0$0$0$0I miss everyone at the shelter. Sending you all lots of LOVE.$0$0$0$0Damon Lai and Stg. Pepper. $0

    News ImageHersheyWhen we first met Hershey, she was so excited that she peed all over us! We were told that her previous owner had returned her to the pound because she was aggressive towards other dogs. Knowing this information, we decided to take her to the park anyway. We were very careful and kept her on the leash at first, but noticed her reactions were fine, so we let her roam around freely. There were a few times where she played too rough with dogs twice her size, but nothing a little training couldn’t fix. We have had her for about 3 months now and she’s already super will behaved and ALWAYS listens to mom and dad. We are so glad that we decided to adopt this little 8-month-old pit bull mix puppy! All she needed was some training and lots of love! (By the way, her name matches her personality because we get way too many Hershey kisses from this sweet little girl!)

    News ImageSimbaGood morning,$0$0The wife and I walked through the OC Animal Care are last night at the Ducks games. It reminded us of last year when we walked through it and fell in love with a puppy$0they were showing named Simba. We had a golden retriever that passed away with complications most of them due to us buying her at a pet store not know how they$0breed the dogs. We had her for 12 years and gave her the best life possible. So, after a year and seeing Simba we decided to adopt this time. My wife rushed down to $0O.C. Animal care the next morning and was second in line and we ended up adopting him. $0$0He is now a little over a year old and doing great. He enjoys his daily walks every day after dinner and lets us know he is ready to go once we finish lol. He is 80+ pounds$0and has become one of my best buddies and follows me around like a shadow. We could not be any happier and it makes it even better we adopted him from a Ducks$0game as we are huge Ducks fans.$0$0We are thinking about getting another dog soon, so Simba has a friend to hang with during the day while we are at work. We just need to make sure they are compatible $0when we do.$0$0I attached some pictures of him from the first day we brought him home to now.$0$0Thanks$0Tom Large$0

    News ImageJasperWe have always enjoyed meeting kitty friends at the Ark adoption center in our own local PetSmart, Always so many sweet feline friends! When it came time to adopt a friend for our rescue dog, Ringo we decided to visit the Ark. So many cute kittens and cats! It was so hard to choose!$0At first, we thought Jasper was the female of the male/female siblings in the crate. After an hour of playing we discovered he was the male and by then, he was decidedly “the one!”$0How do we love Jasper? In each and every way! He is a handsome lavender Lynx Point Siamese who loves to be held and give kisses (though they are the sandpapery kind!) He has the amazing ability of playing “fetch” with his toys and loves to hang out with his mom, dad & doggy brother, Rigo. He also enjoys watching cute animal videos with us. Jasper has been such a delight to know and bring into our family. We want to thank the foster family who loved him before us. You can rest assured he is adored in every way! #BestKittyEver$0