Success Stories

News ImageRedWe adopted Red last November when he was 7 years old. We’re not sure why his previous family named him Red, since he’s a chocolate brown cocker, but we decided not to change his name. He has a personality like no other! He settled into our home the first day (with our 3 year old Wheaton Terrier, Chloe) as if he had been here forever. He snuggles so sweetly with us on the couch as we watch TV or read a book. His little nose sits right on our legs and doesn’t move! His favorite person in the family is Papa, maybe because he feeds him and takes him for walks! He is truly Papa’s shadow around the house and loves to sit at his feet while he is on the computer. His little short tail never stops wagging! It’s so cute! We call him “wiggles” because of his non-stop wagging tail. Red is friendly with everyone and has never snapped or growled at other dogs, people or kids. He loves food and has learned to be a little “thief” if food is left to close to the edge! We have learned to watch where we leave our plates! But if that’s the worst thing he does, we are fine with that! Red is so loving and sweet and fun— we feel very thankful to have gotten him from the shelter. He has enriched our lives tremendously. Thanks to Judy Briggs for finding him for us!

Thank you, OC Animal Care for all that you do for all of these sweet animals in need!

News ImagePapas and MamasThis is Papas and Mamas Kavathan. They joined our family from your shelter in Aug. I just wanted to send you all this picture showing you how well they have adjusted so far. Mamas is on the left and Papas on the right. We are glad we kept the litter mates together. They are the sweetest.

HiccupI brought home Hiccup, a female rabbit to be a companion for my lonely male rabbit, Charlie. After just one day the two had bonded as is evident in the photo attached. Here they sit next to one another standing guard in the yard in the evening. The rabbits in my yard are free roaming and both are neutered.

News ImageDakota, Gus “Geno,” Domino “Barney”Our son Thomas rescued Dakota 11/9/16. He is the most amazing Hound/Terrier. I believe he is a service dog for people” dog. I got Geno on my birthday. He was only 4 months old. Dakota taught him a lot. They got along as if they were born together. Geno is a Cairn Terrier. They play tug of war with a rope-a-dope, each holding an end. Then we found Barney a Pointer/ Lab, the opposite coloring of our previous Pointer we lost last year. He’s 2 years old. He was returned the same day he was adopted on Clear the Kennels day. He didn’t get along with their dog. Probably just put him in yard with no introduction (proper) to their dog. Their LOSS our gain. The kennel volunteer who helped us in the yard was awesome with information on the “proper way” to introduce to our dogs. Thank you. Within 48 hours all 3 dogs were playing tug of war together. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU x3!

News ImagePollito, Jessica, Scarlet, and CheetahAs you can tell from above, I love adopting animals from OC Animal Care.

Adopting is always better because these animals need a second chance at life and need our love. I will always advise my friends and family to adopt from OC Animal Care.

Thank you to all the employees and volunteers at OC Animal Are for what you do! Keep up the great work.