Success Stories

News ImageMitzyHello,
As the anniversary date we brought Mitzy (now Luna) home approaches, I wanted to finally send that email I have been intending to write for months. Thank you for reaching out to the Ark of San Juan to save this cat. She is amazing! She is chatty, mostly with an assortment of endearing purring chirrups and low, pleasant sounds. She occasionally mews. She sometimes will play fetch! She politely waits for my alarm to go off before she comes over to purr at me and get some pets; if I hit snooze, she returns to my feet until 5 minutes pass. Once she sees that I am awake for the day, she enjoys a mini massage before heading to get her morning sip at the sink. She waits for me to finish getting ready and then escorts me down to the kitchen and directs me (mewing) as to how to fill the kibble bowls properly.


BabyI love my new home and my new mom. She likes to call me Pretty Baby. I also love to play with cat toys. I found out my brother is not so tough after all; he was actually a little nervous to meet me! Imagine that. I hid for 2 days, but mom put food and water where I could sneak out and get it. I have to come out and eat or my brother eats it all. Mom says he is a pig! I hide when anyone comes in – sometimes even from mom. However, I am getting more brave every day. Mom also took me to the vet. That wasn’t my favorite, but he says I am healthy!
Thank you! Lucky Me!

News ImageBeatrix a.k.a. KonaHello! It’s me, Kona. I was adopted back in October after spending a couple of months at OC Animal Care. I just wanted to send a note and a photo from the holidays to let you know I am happy, healthy, and safe. My new name is Beatrix! (Bea for short.) I have kitty and doggy siblings, a comfortable condo to hang out inside of all day, and a king-sized bed to sleep in with my parents at night. All of my medical issues are being assessed, and I am loving my new life and family.

News ImageBruceIn December of 2004, I visited the OC pound with my family to see all the beautiful animals that were awaiting homes. We went because we wanted to give them love in the mean time. That day, I met Bruce. He was the only dog not barking among the other 200 dogs that were. He stood there with his baby blue paisley bandana on and just staring at me. It was love at first sight. My parents said no since we were used to always having smaller dogs at home. I kneeled there, crying, and petting Bruce between the metal bars. A woman who worked there came up to me and told me “oh sweetheart, maybe if you show your family your tears, maybe it will change their minds”.

December 25th 2004, the last gift I opened was a small red box, and inside was a big red collar labeled “Bruce”. We picked Bruce up the first week of January 2005 and have loved him every single day since.

I thank you for accepting Bruce into your facility and giving him a chance at a new loving life.

Bruce was around 6 months old when we adopted him in 2004, and on January 14th 2018 he finally went home over the rainbow bridge. He lived a long and happy 15 year old life.

During the past year in a half, he began to suffer severe hip dysplasia and arthritis. Even though he was in pain from time to time, he was happy all the way up to his last day.

I just want to say thank you...from the bottom of my heart for giving my Bruce an extra chance so he could find me. I pray that you continue to give those chances to the other animals in your facility

Bethany H.
Bruce’s dog mommy

News ImageSadie

Sadie was so scared in her kennel, yet she came right up and leaned against the cage. She was the one that we had been waiting for. We had been looking to adopt for a few months. As soon as I got her home and introduced her to our cat Biggie, they were instant friends! They share beds, play and chase each other. She loves to go running and stays by my side. She is a beautiful addition to our family and we cannot wait to take her hiking and camping! Thank you OC Animal Care for all you do!

P.S. Biggie was also adopted but from a foster in San Clemente. He was dumped because he was polydactyl and black. Just love helping animals.