Success Stories

News ImageSparkyHi! My name is Luis, owner of our most loved Pekingese Dog called "Spark." He is 8 months old now! Our family of 3, my son, my wife and I are all very joyful to have a new member in our family. Having a furry friend in our family has made us become more happy than ever before! I would like to thank OC Animal Care for such great service and for giving us an important opportunity to adopt a furry friend that has changed our lives and will always change our life forever. Sparky has been a cute and wonderful dog since the first day we got him. He will always be the number one member in our family! It has been a pleasure having Sparky! Once again I would like to thank OC Animal Care for such great service and wonderful employees!

News ImageCooperI’ve had Cooper since June 25th, 2016. We live in Tustin and he has been my support 24/7 since. Living alone was never an issue because I always had his love. Now we are moving to Louisiana. I have been struggling with health issues and he took the position of my support animal right away. Now he has been promoted to becoming a service dog! In so many ways he already was, now he will just be certified. Cooper keeps me going, active and has been one of the smartest dogs I’ve ever met. I know he will love his new home and new responsibilities. Everyone he meets, wherever we go will always be greeted by the silly loving smile and kind heart. He is amazing with kids all ages, and kids love to pet him so he is one happy lil’ guy. It will be hard for Cooper to leave his park friends but he also has some friends waiting in our new home. I am excited for him and the changes headed our way.

News ImageOnyx"Cat Carrier"
When anyone approached the front window of the pet store with a fancy plastic cat carrier all the kittens got so excited, especially little Onyx. Onyx had lived most all of her life in the window, at least all of it she could remember. She was always surrounded by her brothers and sisters and a lot of shredded newspaper. Every day she had played happily with her siblings and was the very best at shredding the newspaper into ever diminishing pieces. Almost every day a shiny new cat carrier appeared and one of her family disappeared. As the days past and her family dwindled Onyx began to worry, “Would a fancy plastic cat carrier ever come for her?” She promised herself to improve so someone might decide that she was enough of a cat that she would be worthy of their love and a shiny new cat carrier. Everyday Onyx tried harder to play better in a new and more entertaining way. She tried to make her fur softer and to make her eyes shine brighter. Onyx tried in every way she could think of to become a kitten someone would want to love and take home in a fancy plastic cat carrier. As the weeks past Onyx grew older and increasingly alone in the window. One morning she woke up all alone. She was so sad and lonely and missed everyone. She began to worry more and play less. The clerks in the store would play with her when they remembered she was there. She became so depressed and lethargic that even if a customer looked around the store they might not even notice her. The newspaper sat neglected, over confident and un-shredded. Things were going very badly for Onyx and she could not understand why. She had always done her kitten best and given her all. After two months the pet store clerk looked so sad as they approached Onyx with a torn old cardboard box. It had stains and some cat hair and smelled like urine mixed with despair. She had grown too old to sell. She was now worthless and to be discarded at the shelter.

News ImageMrs. PicklesJust over 4 years ago to the day, my wife Ava (cc’d here) and I came to the pound on a chilly January morning to line up and hopefully pick up a dog we’d been following on line - waiting for her to have her necessary shots and surgery etc. We were told she was around a year old, a Lhasa Apsa Mini Poodle mix. Nothing else was known about her. Many of the dogs there were lively that day, but this one was all the way at the back of the kennel, still sleepy from her operation the day before. She looked sad. Well, 4 years later she’s a bouncy little character called Mrs. Pickles! After numerous attempts at training, she still barks incessantly if we leave her alone and will randomly choose someone to growl at for no obvious (to us) reason. She has calmed down over the years though and everyone says she’s so much mellower than when she first came home with us. Frankly though - we don’t care. We love her so very much - she’s been a total blessing in our lives. She loves to play, chase a ball, have a tickle… you know. She goes to our local, Laguna Beach dog park most days, where she has a regular pack of doggy friends to chase around - we have made close human friends there too. Recently we took her on a long road trip. She’s happiest when the 3 of us are together. Anyway - I just wanted to write to you to thank you for the work you do. I’m sure most people are like us: we arrive, take an animal and never return (why would we/they?), but it’s Mrs P’s “birthday” week and I was just thinking of you guys. You have made a little dog and two people immensely happy. I honestly don’t know what the 3 of us would do without each other. She has changed our lives. Mrs. Pickles, Ava & I couldn’t be more grateful. Attached is a “before and after” shot, from her kennel at the shelter to last week at home, with us.
Thank you.

News ImageKataraOne year ago today I adopted a 1 year old "Owner surrendered" Husky/Cattledog mix from your shelter. It was the BEST thing that's ever happened for either of us, so we're writing to say THANK YOU!!! Her name there was "Becky", but I gave her the name of "Katara" (named after my last dog's favorite toy) to start her new life. Her previous owners said she had "too much energy & was destructive". I think she just wanted more attention because I work from home & I've never had a single problem with her since the day I brought her home...she's PERFECT! She hasn't chewed a single thing & is very well behaved. We do lots of fun things together & go to the park almost every day. She never leaves my side, is my best friend & I'm so thankful that we found each other. It was the perfect match, so again.... THANK YOU, not only for bringing her in my life, but for ALL everyone there does for the animals in need! I've attached a few photos of "Katara" living her new life & some of the fun things we've done over the past year. Feel free to share them on your website or social media as references/testimonials, etc if desired.
Forever grateful,
Kathy (& Katara!)