Success Stories

News ImageSadie

Sadie was so scared in her kennel, yet she came right up and leaned against the cage. She was the one that we had been waiting for. We had been looking to adopt for a few months. As soon as I got her home and introduced her to our cat Biggie, they were instant friends! They share beds, play and chase each other. She loves to go running and stays by my side. She is a beautiful addition to our family and we cannot wait to take her hiking and camping! Thank you OC Animal Care for all you do!

P.S. Biggie was also adopted but from a foster in San Clemente. He was dumped because he was polydactyl and black. Just love helping animals.

News ImageHerculesI just wanted to let you know that a dog that we adopted from you on May 23rd 2004 finally passed away peacefully with us (now in Arizona) at the great age of 17 1/2 years, he was a beautiful english cocker spaniel by the name of Hercules who was relinquished to you with no information or history. To say he was the best friend and companion my wife & I ever had would be an understatement, he was a member of our family and not just a pet. If we ever went anywhere he came along as well and we never stayed anywhere he couldn't, we never kenneled him due to his separation anxiety but he was the happiest and most thankful pup ever.
I hope you don't mind but I wanted to share his life and memory with you so you could see the positive side of a shelter animal, he kept us together when we were at our worst and never asked for anything in return except love. He was extremely loyal and taught us a thing or two.
Please let everyone know how much this made our lives better, he will be forever missed.
Philip Davison

News ImageGracieWe adopted Gloria, now Gracie and she’s living in her new home with our Yorkie Coco, my husband Chris & myself in North Vancouver, BC. She such a beautiful, well-adjusted girl. She even smiles now. We just want to thank all of the staff and volunteers for all your wonderful work. Thank you so very much!

News ImageFredWe came to the shelter on January 18, 2017 still heartbroken over the passing of our previous dog. When we saw Fred we knew that he was the dog for us. We almost feel that he found us. We took him home that night and he settled right in. Over the last 4 months he has brought us joy, happiness and love that words simply cannot describe. He now enjoys time in his backyard chasing butterflies, lizards, and birds. He loves going for long walks and taking long naps.

Thank you to the staff at OC Animal Care for bringing Fred into our lives!

News ImagePatrickWe wanted a play mate for our Pam Poo, Jameson. We were lucky enough to visit Petco when they were allowing OC Animal Care to hold an adoption event. We saw Patrick immediately from the parking lot. He was so friendly and calm, a really well-mannered puppy. It didn’t take long before we were on our way home with our new family member. We introduced Patrick to Jameson and they hit it off right away. They love chasing each other through the house and wrestle. After taking them to the dog parks and groomers they were pretty exhausted (see pictures). We have had Patrick for 5 days now and he has completely made himself at home. I love how excited he is to see us every day! Adopting from OC Animal Care was incredibly fast and easy, super inexpensive: shots, neutered all taken care of. Thank you!