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Cool Pit Bull dude

Just a little over four months ago, I came into your facilities looking for a dog for my house in Manhattan Beach. After about 15 minutes of walking around, I happened to pass by kennel #342, where a seven month old male Pit Bull puppy caught my eye.

Right when I saw him, I knew that he was the one that I wanted. I asked to see him in the visiting area. After jumping right into my arms with excitement, within a minute I had come up with a fitting name for my soon to be dog, “Tyton.” Since then, Tyton has been the best dog a guy could ask for.

Even though Pit Bulls get a bad reputation, they are by far the sweetest dogs I have ever been around. Since leaving the shelter on November 11, 2007, Tyton has gained 25 pounds and sleeps in my bed every night. He has spent everyday running on the beach pulling me on my skateboard, sleeping by the pool, or playing with his buddies at the dog park! He loves to cruise around in the back of my Dodge Magnum, and occasionally cruises in the passenger seat with a pair of sunglasses on, ‘cuz well, that’s the type of cool Pit Bull dude he is. I love this dog more than anything and he has become as much a part of me as my right arm.

Thank you so much for providing all the animals at your shelter with the opportunity to find great homes like Tyton has. I believe that giving an animal a second chance at life is the greatest gift one could give. …Just wish I had more room around the house, or I'd adopt another one!

Thanks again!