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The most perfect puppy!

This is a story of my adoption in April 2006. I went to the shelter in April, 2006 to help my sister look for a pup. I already had two dogs and was not looking for another.

As we walked through, a small furry dog caught my eye. She was so cute and I tried to get my sister to take her, but they all laughed at me. The paper said she was 12 years old, but did not look it. I knew no one would take her, so I put my name down. Come to find out she was only three years old!!! We picked her up and named her Lexi.

She had a little trouble adapting to the other two dogs and liked to be by herself. I was going to bring her back as I was unsure of her. I went online and researched animal rescue dogs and found her behavior to be normal. Needless to say, she adapted well and is just the most perfect puppy!! We have had her two years and she is the most loving, loyal and fluffy doggy ever!!!

She was a great companion to my terminally ill daughter and comforted her during her illness. We just love our Lexi.