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Sassy, loving and sweet!

I got a cat a couple years ago from the OC Animal Care shelter, named Buffy, who I absolutely loved. She was fancy, fussy, and the best cat in the world. Last year, my poor Buffy got spinal cancer and passed away. It was harder than I ever imagined it would be to lose her.

After that, my sister went by the OC shelter to find me another cat. There was one who looked very similar to Buffy. She was asleep in the cage and refused to wake up. But once they took her out, she was nothing but lovely. Her name was Sadie but I re-named her Kiska (which is Russian for kitty).

She is surprisingly similar in look and manner to my Buffy. She's puffy, sassy, loving, and sweet. Her favorite toy is a shiny satin ribbon, she loves to sleep on the bed all day, and she has gotten quite fat. She has her own personality, but she has definitely helped ease the loss of my other kitty. I am so glad that I found her.