Success Story Details


I used to live there at OC Pet Care with you in kennel 104. My number was A1066851. Thank you for taking care of me for two years, until my forever family could find me. I live in Madison, Wisconsin, now, with my two furry sisters, two furry brothers, my human boy, and his parents. I moved here yesterday, when my boy and his dad flew to Nebraska to pick me up from the lady who was keeping me, Mary Stickney.

After a long flight to my new home, my boy gave me a bright blue collar and leash, and green bowls. He also gave me a very soft, fluffy bed, but last night, I decided that I liked sleeping in my boy’s bed better, so I crawled under the blankets and snuggled with him, rather than sleeping in the doggy bed, alone. I like snuggling.

This morning, we had to get up early because my boy is a competitive diver, and we had to go to practice. My boy’s coach said that I “totally disrupted practice with my cuteness”, but my boy’s mom said that it was OK, that the coach thought I was awesome, and he was teasing me. After that, I got to meet my new doggy doctor, Dr. Kim. She looked at my little leg, and told me I was still perfect. When they went to give me a second dose of lepto, the doctor who comes in once a month to do orthopedic surgeries here saw my leg and said that because it doesn’t bother me, we don’t need to have it removed. She said I am a friendly, happy, adorable boy.

We just got back from a long walk, and I am ready for a nap now. My boy is a teen ager, so maybe he will be tired and want a nap too. I hope so, because I really like cuddling on his bed. Thank you again for taking care of me. I would never have made it to my forever home if you had not loved me and taken care of me first.