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Gabby and Oscar

We are coming up on our one year anniversary since we adopted Gabby and Oscar. They were named for the 2012 Olympic participants who fired our imagination, stirred our inspiration and ultimately captured our hearts. Our beautiful little caramel and vanilla Shih-tzu, Gabby, is small but mighty, holding her own with the much larger, more active, handsome black cocker, Oscar.

We are having such an adventure with these two. I didn't expect 35 pound Oscar to be a lap dog - 11 pound Gabby was supposed to be! Gabby prefers to be at my feet while Oscar curls up in my lap. Gabby sleeps in her bed on the floor while Oscar manages to find a place on our bed. If my husband can't sleep, Gabby follows him to his recliner in our living room. Then she comes in the bedroom at first light to wake Oscar and I by talking to us and jumping up on my side of the bed.

I recommend pet adoption to anyone willing to share their love and home. It truly make a house a home!