Success Story Details


We regularly try to make trips to the OC Shelter to take treats, greet and help network dogs on Facebook.  We are usually interested in the older dogs and have previously rescued 4 seniors from Boxer rescue.   After we lost our dog "Bugsy" to cancer at Christmas, he left behind his best friend "Valentino", who was very heartbroken.  We hesitated for a while to let Valentino grieve, however we began to notice he was lonely and stopped playing as much, so one day we were making a local shelter trip, we came across a very sad female boxer - Mercedes - now Cannoli.

She was located in the back of the shelter and was hiding in the back of her cage.  When we would speak to her, she would cry and hider her face and shake in fear.  As much as OC Animal Care can do, shelter life can be traumatizing.  As we finished up our cookie/treat drop, we decided to return one last time to see her.  We patiently waited, not making a sound or eye contact by her cage and after approximately 20 minutes she shyly walked over and gave my hand a lick.  She was beautiful and had the most innocent eyes!  It was love.  The shelter was closing and so we asked for her Animal ID#.  We talked about her all night.  We heard she had been dumped at the shelter.  The very next day we returned to rescue her.  Our dog Valentino is such a balanced dog, we were not concerned with them being introduced.  When we introduced them, it was as if they were long lost friends!  Valentino lit up like it was Christmas Day!  When a lot of people see them together, they assume we have had them for their whole lives, although we have only had Cannoli for a few months, she has worked her way into our hearts and several others.  Cannoli had a bit of noise trauma and door issues, but with patience and time, she has overcome her insecurities.  Thank you OC Animal Care!