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During June 1-September30th, OC Animal Care will not pick up trapped cats except when the cat is injured, sick, has been involved in a bite or there are other special circumstances.

Oftentimes, cats are trapped and left unattended in extremely high temperatures for extended periods of time and it becomes a safety concern for the cat, as they can quickly overheat or die in a trap. Additionally, because of the concern for the cat’s safety, staff spend a significant amount of time traveling from one stray trapped cat to another, making their overall day inefficient and less productive.

Residents can still bring trapped cats into the shelter and will be advised of this if they call in to request service. It is the citizen’s responsibility to provide adequate shade, food, and water once the cat is trapped until they transport it to the shelter.

Animal Control will still respond for sick or injured cats or for newborn kittens (with and without mothers). They will also continue to respond out if a resident has confined a tame cat in their home, if a feral cat has gotten into a residence and needs to be removed, and if residents have inadvertently caught a wild animal such as an opossum and need assistance to safely release the animal.

The intent of the summer protocol is to limit the number of feral cats sitting in traps during the hot summer months. We encourage citizens to focus trapping efforts during the cooler months of the year.