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    Egyptian Goose with Arrow Lodged in Neck

    We are sorry to report that the Egyptian Goose with the arrow lodged in its neck succumbed to its injuries after surgery yesterday evening. After being caught by an employee near the Anaheim Hills Car Wash yesterday morning, the goose was transported by OC Animal Care Animal Control Officers directly to a local wildlife veterinary specialist in South Orange County. After an assessment, the veterinarian scheduled the goose for surgery yesterday afternoon. Surgery was performed and the goose seemed to be recovering well, however he suddenly crashed and was unable to be revived. The exact cause of death is unknown at this time.
    Chairman Todd Spitzer said, "It is always saddening when there is a negative outcome in spite of great efforts to save an animal. I am very grateful for the help of local residents in capturing the goose, animal control officers and the veterinarian and staff who diligently worked to help this animal."
    OC Animal Control Officers had been attempting to capture the goose since receiving a call from a concerned community member on April 8. Capturing this goose has been a priority of OC Animal Care’s officers as one of our missions is to protect the health and welfare of animals in our community. The goose was originally spotted in a golf course in Anaheim Hills, however it had recently moved to the riverbed behind the Anaheim Hills Car Wash. Officers had responded five times to attempt to capture the goose. It is believed that the goose had been injured by the arrow approximately one to two weeks ago.
    OC Animal Care suspects that the injury caused to this goose was intentional. If anyone has information regarding the perpetrator of the injury or the incident that caused the injury, they are encouraged to call 714-935-6848 and make a report. Callers may remain anonymous.