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Published quarterly by the OC Animal Care staff. The Critter Chronicles Newsletter contains information about program services, employees, animal care tips and events.

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December 2006 [PDF]
December 2006 [HTML]

OCAC Call Center: New improvements go get you through the call-center maze

  • Holiday Hazards! Pet proof your home
  • Rabies prevention... safety is key!
  • Adopt-a-valentine shelter event
  • Adopt-a-pet
  • Mobile adoption & Shelter events

September 2006 [PDF]
September 2006 [HTML]

Correcting bad litter box manners

  • Bunny bonding in 3 easy steps
  • Welcoming home your newly adopted pet
  • Animal poison control
  • Golden Retriever Club of Greater LA
  • Adopt-a-pet
  • Mobile adoption & Shelter events

June 2006 [PDF]
June 2006 [HTML]

Hot Weather Tips for Pet Owners

  • Board Recognizes OCAC Employees
  • Planning on Traveling This Summer?
  • A Quick Reminder from OCAC
  • "Hooray for Hollywood" Pet Fair
  • Adopt-a-Pet
  • "Reading With Fido"
  • Mobile Adoption & Shelter Events
  • Celebrating Success

March 2006 [PDF]
March 2006 [HTML]

Living With Urban Wildlife

  • WANTED: Foster Volunteers
  • Special Feature: Little Bow Wow Rescue
  • Pet Fair 2006
  • Adoptable Animals
  • Adopt a Valentine Wrap-up
  • Upcoming Shelter and Mobile Events
  • Quarterly Success Story